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Sennheiser Malaysia – Where to Buy Sennheiser Headphones in Malaysia

Sennheiser LogoSennheiser products are really great, from all kinds of headphones and earphones to microphones other ‫ ‫sound devices. How can you buy Sennheiser products in Malaysia for the best price? Where is the cheapest place to buy Sennheiser Headphones online in Malaysia?

Today, I’ll show you how where to buy the best Sennheiser’s headphones models in Malaysia such as the Sennheiser Momentum, Sennheiser HD 598 and more.

Let’s start off with this; Sennheiser doesn’t have an official store in Malaysia.
Therefore, we will be looking at other stores inside and outside of Malaysia to buy our desired Sennheiser headphones online.



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Buy Your Sennheiser in Lazada Malaysia

The first store I wanted to show you is Lazada Malaysia. If you don’t know Lazada, it is basically the Malaysian version of Amazon. It has many the products that Amazon has for more or less the same prices.


Lazada Malaysia Logo
Nevertheless not all of the product that Amazon has are also available in Lazada, and not all of them are as cheap. Anyway, you have to check your specific product before you order.
In this page, you can look at all Sennheiser products that are sold in Lazada. The prices of Sennheiser headphones in Lazada are relatively cheap and you may find there some great deals.


Sennheiser Headphones in Lazada



Buy Your Sennheiser in Amazon

your second option is Amazon. If You didn’t happen to find the product you want in Lazada, or you found it and it’s overpriced, it’s time to look for it in Amazon.Amazon Logo
You can easily order through Amazon, either through their international shipping service, or through parcel forwarding service like MYUS.
In this article, I explain about all the options to get products shipped from Amazon to Malaysia.

If after you had been calculating the final price from Amazon with the shipping cost you found out that are cheaper from Lazada, then that’s the place to buy your Sennheiser headphones from.


Sennheiser Headphones in Amazon



Sennheiser Momentum

Let’s look for example, on the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Headphones for IOS.

The price of the Sennheiser Momentum in Lazada Malaysia is higher than their price in Amazon. Yet, you have to take into consideration Amazon’s shipping and Malaysian taxes versus Lazada’s free and fast shipping to Malaysia. Thus, in this case it’s cheaper to order from Lazada.

Buy it from Lazada    Buy it from Amazon



Sennheiser HD 598

That’s another example of a very popular model by Sennheiser, the HD 598 Special Edition.

Their price in Amazon this time is cheaper than their price in Lazada, also after calculating the shipping rates and taxes. Therefore, even though the shipping duration is longer, you may choose Amazon because of the price.


Buy it from Lazada    Buy it from Amazon



Sennheiser CX 300 II

The Sennheiser CX 300 II are a great precision headphones that you can buy for a little money .

Unlike the other headphones, their base price in Lazada is already cheaper than their base price in Amazon. Accordingly, if you’re looking to buy the Sennheiser CX 300 II in Malaysia, Lazada is definitely the place for you to buy it.


Buy it from Lazada    Buy it from Amazon


That’s about it! enjoy your music, and comment below if you have some useful information to share!

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