Buy PS4 Games in Malaysia: Best Online Stores

Buying PS4 games in Malaysia might be pretty confusing, especially if you want to shop it online. Today we’re going to make everything clear, the format you need (R1/R3) for your PlayStaion 4 game, and where to buy it from.


R1 or R3?

First of all, both R1 (US Format) and R3 (Asia format) games will be able to work on any kind of console/PS+ account. The thing that you won’t always be able to do is download DLC (Downloadable Content) for the games.

If you’re in Malaysia, you probably own an R3 console, meaning an Asian console. That doesn’t matter that much. What matters is whether your PS+ account is Asian or American. It depends on the region you set when you registered your account.

If your PS+ account is Asian, you’ll be able to download DLC only for R3 games, and if it’s American, only for R1 games.

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Lazada Malaysia

If you’re looking for PS4 games in R3 format, the best and cheapest option is Lazada. Lazada is clearly the cheapest place to get R3’s and in some cases you may also find there quite cheap R1 games. Click here to read more about Lazada.

If you’re willing to get games in R1 format, most of the games in Amazon are cheaper than in Lazada. Unfortunately most of them aren’t eligible for international shipping by Amazon. Read the Amazon Malaysia article to know how you still can get Amazon products shipped to Malaysia.


In order to give you an indication of the prices between Lazada Malaysia and Amazon, here are some examples (click on the image to see prices):


GTA V Lazada
Battlefield 1 Lazada
Battlefield 1 Amazon
Call of Duty Lazada

Call of Duty Amazon














Bottom Line

If you order multiple PS4 games or products from Amazon than it may pay off. Yet for a single-game order it will be cheaper to simply order an R3 PS4 game from Lazada Malaysia.


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