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Best Home Decor Online Stores in Malaysia & Interior Design Tips

Home decor is more than a hobby. We all want our homes to be a nice and cozy place, and therefore, some interior design should be taken.

Home decor has a wide range of products such as lightning systems, mirrors, rugs, clocks, wall stickers, vases and more.

You may or may not be surprised that many of these home decor products are available online in Malaysia. You can find some really good deals on beautiful interior design products in online shopping websites.

Today I’m going to show you the top 3 stores that sell home decor products online in Malaysia, and also give you 10 very useful interior design tips!




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Best Online Home Decor Stores in Malaysia


Lazada Malaysia

Lazada Malaysia Logo

Lazada Malaysia is one the biggest e-commerce platforms in Malaysia. Lots of sellers in Lazada Sell Home Decor Products.

Here are some of the home decor departments in Lazada Malaysia:

Wall Décor   Rugs & Carpets   Cushions & Covers   Lighting   Curtains

When Buying from Lazada, you must make sure the seller you buy from is trusted. Simply look at his rating and reviews, and make sure they’re reasonable.


Home Decor Products in Lazada



AmazonAmazon Logo

Amazon is an American online marketplace. There are a lot of beautiful home decor products in Amazon.

Amazon’s home decor departments are extremely easy to navigate. You can find exactly what you need in a matter of a few clicks.

Shopping from Amazon in Malaysia is possible! Simply follow this tutorial, and you’ll see it is affordable, worthwhile and super easy.


Home Decor Produts in Amazon



HouseologyHouseology Logo

Houseology is a British home decor online store.

Unlike Amazon and Lazada, Houseology is a store that specializes in home decor. All the products in Houseology are being sold by the store itself, and not by different sellers.

The stores ships internationally, and has fair shipping rates to Malaysia.

Since Houseology is a home decor store, it may also be a great place to explore new interior design ideas.


Houseology's Website




Bonus: 10 Home Decor and Interior Design Tips and Ideas


  1. Be Creative: Mix old and new. Use stuff you already have as a decoration, and try to turn every possible thing into a storage unit.
  2. Think of all your electronic wiring in advance. Try to hide your wiring as much as possible, since it might be a real bummer to deal with it after you’re done designing.
  3. Store books elegantly. Have lots of books? Think of a creative way to place the books in a way that will contribute your living room design. If you have travel books and picture books, make them visible. it’s always nice for guests to take a glance at these.

    living room home decor

  4. Compromise on little things, not on the big ones. The larger the item the more it affects the overall look. Therefore, if you have a budget issue, invest on a large painting rather than a small clock.
  5. Integrate musical instruments and tools in your space. If you have a problem storing your guitar, wrench or even bicycle, try to hang them creatively. In order to do so use items such as this guitar hanger.
  6. Use big mirrors. Big mirrors are a great way to create a feeling of more space. They are especially nice in bedrooms.
  7. Create a surprising workspace. Get creative with your space and try turning a small part of your living room in to a beautiful harmonic workspace.

    Living Room Decor

  8. Try adding a sculpture. Adding a sculpture to the room can be a great thing. Try mixing it into the room as naturally as you can, and emphasize it using correct lightning.
  9. Add a lot of lightning. Prefer many little spots over big chandeliers. Thus you have the ability to really “play” with the lightning whenever you want.
  10. Place your pictures neatly. Each one of us has a little sense of design. Use your inner sense to place your pictures elegantly instead of just hanging them randomly.

    interior design example



Good luck designing your home! Share this with your friends and comment below if you have more tips or questions!

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