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Malaysia Online Shopping: How to Buy Online in Malaysia

Do you want to shop online in Malaysia? Did you always hear about the option to buy online clothing, electronics, and more online but never really know how?  You’re not alone anymore. In this article we’ll be going through everything you should to know and all the steps you need to follow when shopping online in Malaysia.


Here’s a simple 4 step method to follow when you’re shopping online in Malaysia:




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Step #1 – Define exactly what you want to buy

How to Buy Online in Malaysia


If you know in advance all the things you want to buy, you can drop the final price significantly.

How? Some parcel forwarding secrvices like MYUS, give you the option of shopping from multiple online stores, and receiving everything you ordered in one package. They receive all of your orders, and packing them into one package. That’s one way you can cut off the shipping price.

It also works if you order some products from Amazon via “Amazon Global” shipping, from one online store, or from the same seller in Lazada.


Compare Prices OnlineStep #2 – Check the prices


In this step, there are 3 main places you should look at the prices:

  1. Lazada Malaysia – The number one E-commerce store in southeast Asia. Has many of Amazon’s products, but the difference in prices between these two may vary. Lazada is easy to work with. It ships from within Malaysia, so the shipping rates and time are relatively low.
  2. Amazon – Amazon is the biggest e-commerce shop in the world, and has basically everything you can imagine. There are two ways to ship products from Amazon to Malaysia; Amazon Global and via Parcel Forwarding service. Read more about Shipping Amazon to Malaysia.
  3. Online stores – Look also on other online stores. Especially stores that specify the kind of products you’re interested in. In Buy Online Malaysia, you’ll find a collection of articles about different products, and the best place to get them from in Malaysia. Good examples for such stores are Zalora Malaysia for clothing and fashion, and


Step #3 – Compare and Decide


Now, you have to make the decision where you finally order from.

You already know the prices, but there are few things you should take into account:

  • Warranty – If the product you want to order is expensive, especially when it’s an electronic product, you want to make sure the store you order from offers some kind of warranty. Sometimes it would be the manufacturer’s warranty, and sometimes the store’s warranty. Make sure to understand what it covers, that you won’t be surprised later on.
  • Shipping Cost – Look at the shipping cost. Some of the stores show the shipping price in advance, while some show it only when your about to order. Calculate the product’s price with the shipping and see which comes out to be the cheapest.
  • Shipping Time – Often, you’ll find a cheaper price for your product in US. However, the shipping time might be alot longer than Lazada’s. Make sure to look at it before you place the order, since it could make you change your mind.
  • Return Policy – You can’t always be so sure that the product you buy is exactly what you’re looking for. Therefore, I’d reccomend looking at the return policy, and taking it into consideration when you order.


Lazada Malaysia

Step #4 – Place an Order


After going through all the aspects, and you feel you’re certain with your deceision, it’s time to place an order.

If you need more specific information, you may find these articles helpful:

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Futherore, Buy Online Malaysia may have an article that helps you buy exactly what you want to buy.


That’s everything you need to know 😃 Hope you have a good shopping experience!!!

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