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Best Stores to Buy a Football Jersey Online in Malaysia

We all love to wear a football jersey of our favorite clubs and of the Malaysian national team.

Where can you buy football jerseys online in Malaysia? What are the best stores?

Today we’re going to show you the top stores that sell football jerseys in Malaysia.

In addition, we’ll go through the differences between an authentic and a replica jersey.




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Authentic Football Jersey vs Replica Football Jersey:


There are two types of original football jerseys; AUTHENTIC and REPLICA.

The authentic jersey is the exact same jersey the players wear on the field. It’s top quality jersey, with all the new “anti-sweat” techniques and more top-notch features.

The replica jersey is the jersey most fans own. It’s not as high quality as the authentic jerseys, but it’s usually good enough for the fans. REPLICA JERSEYS ARE NOT FAKE ONES. That’s often confusing, but you have to understand that replica jerseys are original jerseys which are manufactured by the club’s original manufacture.



As you might have already noticed, you’re probably looking for a replica jersey, just like most of the fans. There are several stores in which you can find your desired jersey. Here we go:




Best Stores to Buy Football Jerseys Online in Malaysia


Protech Kitzone


Protech Kitzone Logo



Protech Kitzone is a Malaysian football jerseys store. They don’t have all the teams in the world, but they have almost all the teams of the BPL, elite European clubs and many National Teams (including Malaysia’s).


Explore Football Jerseys in Protech Kitzone


What are Their Prices?


Their price of a single replica jersey is usually around RM 250 for the current season’s jersey. Prices are slightly different for each jersey. It depends on the time of the football season, and whether the jersey has long or short sleeves. The prices for an authentic jersey are around RM 500, once again depends on some factors.


If you willing to compromise, you may get some really good deals on previous season jerseys at their clearance page. Shipping wise, the store offers flat RM10 domestic shipping within most parts of Malaysia, including Sarawak.


Overall Thoughts


Protech Kitzone is the ultimate store for buying football jerseys online in Malaysia. However, it has some disadvantages. Protech Kitzone also has rugby jerseys, football boots, and McDavid protection gear, but no other football apparel besides jerseys. No training jackets, pants, women jerseys, or anything else.


It’s second disadvantage, is that the connection with the website is not secure. Many people order from the store with no problem, but I feel I have to tell you that when you give your personal details including credit card information to a site wich is not secure, it is possible that the information would leak.

We aren’t responsible for any activity of yours on this store or any other store were linking to. Read our Privacy Policy to know more.



SoccerLoco & World Soccer Shop

The second option you have, is to order your football jersey through a store outside of Malaysia that ships to Malaysia. There are several stores, but there are two I’d recommend; SoccerLoco and World Soccer Shop.


soccerloco logoworld soccer shop logo









The two stores are based in US, and their prices for authentic jerseys are around $120 (RM 530). They also sell football boots (football cleats), balls and other equipment. Their prices for replica jerseys are between $60 to $80 for a current season’s jersey.

The main advantage of these stores over Protech Kitzone is the variety of jerseys and other football related products. Both stores have a huge variety of anything from football jerseys, to all brands and models of football boots, balls, training equipment and football apparel.

Another advantage these two stores have is their reliability. They are much more known stores and so I’d consider them as “safer” stores than Protech Kitzone.

Their disadvantage is the shipping cost and the import duty you might need to pay.


Shop Now at Soccerloco  Shop Now at WorldSoccerShop



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