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Food Processor Malaysia – Where to Buy Food Processor in Malaysia

Where to buy food processor online in Malaysia? What are the cheapest stores to buy food processor in Malaysia? Today I’ll show you the best stores to buy food processors of Kenwood, Phillips, Panasonic, and more online in Malaysia.

First of all, most of the companies have some kind of an online store. Sometimes the store has its own site, and sometimes it is within a bigger platform such as Lazada.

Without further ado, let’s look at each brand and where to find it online:



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Kenwood Food Processors

Kenwood Multipro Compact FPP225

Kenwood has an online website in Malaysia, but it doesn’t have a store it that website. Instead, Kenwood’s online store is actually within Lazada. You can find there the best food processor’s that Kenwood can offer.

The Official store is a mixed store of Kenwood products and DeLonghi products, great coffee machines company.

In fact, most of Kenwood’s food processors in Lazada are cheaper than in Amazon. Let’s look at Kenwood Multipro Compact FPP225. If you look at the prices in Lazada and Amazon, you’ll notice that Lazada is a lot cheaper.


Shop Kenwood's Official Store Now



Panasonic Food Processors

Panasonic Food Processor
Panasonic MK-F800

Unlike Kenwood, Panasonic has their own official Malaysian online store. It has all kinds of Panasonic’s electronic appliances including cameras, TV’s, kitchen products and more.

There’s actually a cheaper option to buy Panasonic’s food processors in Malaysia. For each food processor found in Panasonic’s website, there’s a cheaper price among Lazada’s sellers.

Another disadvantage of Panasonic’s store, is that too many their products are often marked as “Not Available”.

Bottom line, it comes out better to buy Panasonic food processors from Lazada.


Shop Panasonic through Lazada



Philips Food Processors

Philips also has an official store within Lazada Malaysia.

When you buy through Philips’s official store in Lazada, you’ll get a 2 year international manufacture’s warranty. Their prices for the food processors are quite good.

If you want to find the same Philips products for a cheaper price, you may look at other stores in Lazada.


Shop Philips through Lazada



Other Food Processors

For all other food processors, I’d recommend comparing the price of Lazada with the price of the official online store (if there is). Simply google “‘name of the company’ online store Malaysia” and see if there’s one.

Compare the prices, warranties, and shipping times and rates, and see what works better for you.


Buy Food Processors from Lazada Malaysia



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