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What does it Mean?

It means that every time you buy a product through one of these links in our site, we get a commission.


We participate in several affiliate programs, which are all based on linking to an online store, and receiving a certain percentage of each sale.


The affiliate programs helps us to keep our website alive, and keep providing you the best information and recommendations we have. Note that the fact we receive commission does not affect the price of the product, or anything else regarding to your deal with the third-party store.


We are an independent website, and have the ability to choose the products and stores we recommend. We’re not being pushed by any company or store, and we give our personal honest thoughts. The products and stores we recommend aren’t being chosen by our profits, but by their quality and your own good.


Here’s a List of the Affiliate Programs We Currently Participate in:

  • Amazon Associates – Amazon.com has an affiliate program through which we receive commissions by linking to Amazon’s products.
  • Lazada Malaysia Affiliate Program – Lazada has a program which is very similar to Amazon’s program. We never personally know the Lazada’s sellers whose products we recommend, and we do our best to ensure we link out to trusted sellers and good products.
  • Book Depository Affiliate Program – Book Depository is an online bookstore which offer free worldwide shipping. It also runs an affiliate program in which we participate.
  • Commission Junction (CJ) – Commission Junction is a company that runs affiliate programs of many online retailers. Through CJ we link to DigitalRev products.
  • Rakuten LinkShare – A company which has a very similar platform to CJ’s one. Through this company, we link to MyUS, Borderlinx and GeekBuying.



We invest much time and effort in order to provide you the best recommendations we can. Each link is being carefully examined and reviewed, and so each product that’s being chosen.

Nevertheless, we are not responsible for any issue regarding the third-party store we are linking to and/or it’s products.