Where to Buy Find Zippo Lighter Online in Malaysia

Zippo Lifetime Guarantee
Zippo’s Lifetime Guarantee

Zippo lighters are the coolest lighters around. These US made refillable metal lighters became a very iconic item over the past century.

Zippo has a lifetime warranty that applies on any original Zippo lighter. That basically means that if you have an original lighter which doesn’t work, you can send it to Zippo and they will fix it.

Pursuant to the Zippo’s success, many fake lighters entered the market.

In addition to the best stores that sell Zippo lighter in Malaysia, today I’m also going to show you how to ensure you buy an original one.



Before you descide to buy a Zippo Lighter, you may want to consider an electric rechargable lighter, which is great for cigarretes, and can be easily recharged with an android like USB port. Click here to read more about electric lighters.



Best Stores to Buy Zippo Lighter Online in Malaysia



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Lazada MalaysiaSilver Zippo Lighter

Lazada is an online store in Malaysia, in which many different sellers offer their products for sale.

There are a lot Zippo lighter models in Lazada Malaysia, and also lighter fluid to refill your ligher.

Usually, the Zippo lighters offered in Lazada are indeed original. In order to ensure it, look for a claim that the product is original, and make sure you buy it from a trusted seller.

I’d consider a seller who has more than 4 stars and seniority of at least one year to be a “trusted seller”. New sellers might be just as good, but  simply haven’t proved themselevs yet.


Buy Zippo Lighters in Lazada Malaysia



AmazoBlack Zippo Matte Lightern

Amazon is an american online marketplace. Just like Lazada, Amazon also has many different sellers.

Zippo lighters in Amazon are significantly cheaper than in Lazada.

Shipping goods from Amazon to Malaysia is not that expensive.

The main problem that arises when you want to order relatively inexpensive products (such as Zippo lighter), and the cost of the shipping just isn’t worth it.

The simple solution is to think whether you need more stuff, and order it all at once. Thus you make an economical purchase.

Almost all of the Zippo lighters you find in Amazon are original.


Zippo Ligthers in Amazon   How to ship from Amazon with MyUS



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