Where to Buy Xiaomi Products in Malaysia – All the Answers

The Chinese brand Xiaomi made a real breakthrough in the past years. Xiaomi became so successful thanks to the great smartphones it manufactures, such as the Xiaomi Mi series and the Xiaomi Redmi series.

Alongside the great smartphones, Xiaomi makes tablets, laptops, power banks, portable speakers, headphones, drones, and much much more.

In order to minimize the cost of the products, Xiaomi’s mainly sells its products online.



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Today we’re going to go through all the best stores where you can buy Xiaomi products in Malaysia.

These are the main stores where you can buy Xiaomi in Malaysia:




Xiaomi’s Official Mi Store in Lazada xiaomi logo

Xiaomi operates an official Mi online store in Malaysia. The store has mainly Xiaomi smartphones, and also some accessories such as the Mi band, power banks, and speakers.

However, there are many Xiaomi products which are not available in the official store. You can get these products using one of the methods I show below.

Since it’s Xiaomi’s official store, you get one year of local manufacturer warranty. That means you can send your device for fixing to any of the authorized service centers in Malaysia.


Xiaomi Official Store in Lazada



GeekBuyingGeekBuying Logo

GeekBuying is online retail stores located in China. The store mostly sells electronic stuff and plenty of gadgets.

They collaborated with Xiaomi, and together created “Xiaomi World”, a Xiaomi store within GeekBuying.

In most cases, their prices for Xiaomi smartphones are a lot cheaper than Lazada’s. GeekBuying shipping prices to Malaysia are also not that high.

The only “catch” is that when you order from GeekBuying to Malaysia, you’ll the to pay taxes and income duties. Especially if you order something valuable like a smartphone.

The cost of the income duties for a smartphone will probably be between RM 50 – RM 150, depends on its price.

You can easily check exactly how much tax you’ll pay using this calculator (ignore the shipping cost, just look at the tax).


Xiaomi World in GeekBuying



Other Sellers in LazadaLazada Malaysia Logo

There are also other sellers who sell Xiaomi products in Lazada Malaysia, sometimes for a cheaper price.

If you buy in Lazada but not in Mi official store, then you have to make sure the seller you buy from is trusted.

Always prefer a seller who has high rating (above 4 stars), and more time in Lazada.

As for the products, the variety of Xiaomi products in Lazada is huge. You’ll find in Lazada almost any Xiaomi item that’s on the market.


All Xiaomi Products in Lazada



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