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Best Stores to Buy Pandora Bracelets and Charms in Malaysia

Pandora charm bracelets are a beautiful piece of fashion. Their high quality products and the charms concept makes Pandora bracelets a perfect gift. Pandora has many different models of bracelets and beautiful designs of charms. You can buy the charms separately, and add them to your bracelet.

What is the best place to buy Pandora bracelets and charms in Malaysia? Today I’ll show you the three best options you have to buy Pandora products in Malaysia.



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Method 1: Pandora Official Stores


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Pandora has some physical official stores in Malaysia.

In this page, you can see all the locations of Pandors’s official stores in Malaysia.

You can browse the collection of products in Pandora’s official webstie, and see the actual prices they are sold for.

The advantage of buying Pandora bracelet in Malaysia from a physical store is that you can see the product before you decide to buy it. Because these are official stores, you can be sure you get the official warranty of the brand as described Here.

If you want to buy your Pandora bracelet and charms online, see the next methods.


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Method 2:

Pandora Bracelet
Pandora Bracelet on Amazon

The second method to buy Pandora bracelets and charms in Malaysia is online through

Amazon has many sellers who offer Pandora products for a cheaper price than Pandora’s official stores in Malaysia.

Shipping wise, you want to ship your products through parcel forwarding service, since it might be quite expensive to ship it from amazon sellers directly to Malaysia. Using one of parcel forwarding services I show in this article, the shipping cost can get as high as 25$ (~RM100).

Taking into account the shipping cost and taxes, the final price is more or less the same as the price of the Pandora’s official stores in Malaysia.


Buy Pandora on Amazon     Pandora Charms on Amazon



Method 3: Zalora Malaysia


zalora malaysia logo

The third option is actually not a way to buy Pandora bracelets, buy to buy alternative bracelets from Zalora Malaysia.

Although Zalora doesn’t sell Pandora bracelets,  they do sell plenty of different beautiful bracelets for various prices. Among the bracelets you may find in Zazora are KLF, Wanderlust + Co, Her Jewellery and more.

Zalora’s prices are fair, and they offer free shipping over RM75. The shipping time is really fast due to the fact they are located in Malaysia.


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Hope you have a good shopping experience! Comment below if you have any tips!


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