Best Stores to Buy a Gucci Handbag in Malaysia

Gucci Handbag Leather

Gucci is a very popular boutique brand which manufactors many dfferent kinds of products such as sunglasses, perfumes, handbags, and more.

Finding the specific Gucci handbag you want might not be so easy in Malaysia.


Therefore, today we’re going to show you all the stores where you can find a Gucci handbag in Malaysia.




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Where to Buy Gucci Handbag in Malaysia

You can either buy your Gucci handbag in Malaysia in a physical boutique store, or you can buy it in an online store. Each has its pros and cons.

The advantage of the physical stores is that you’re able to see the product before you buy it. However, the online stores are usually much cheaper.

Here’s a list of the best potential stores:



ReebonzReebonz Logo

Reebonz is a Singapore based online luxury store. The store sells both brand-new and pre-owned products.

The store operates in Malaysia and offers fast and cheap delivery.

It has many of the greatest fashion brands including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and obviouslly Gucci.

Reebonz’s Collection is HUGE. The store literally more Gucci handbags than you can imagane.

Each pre-owned Gucci handbag in Reebonz is 100% authentic. Most of them are in a great condition too. You also have the ability to look at the exact condition of each specific handbag. Read more about Reebonz pre-owned collection.

Reebonz’s prices are fair, and you can get even more for your money if you’re willing to buy a pre-owned item.


Gucci Handbags in Reebonz



Gucci Boutique Stores in Kuala LumpurGucci Logo

Gucci has three boutique stores in Kuala Lumpur. They all have all kinds of boutique Gucci products including handbags.

In addition, there are more Gucci stores in Singapore if you happan to live nearby.

You can use Gucci’s store locator in order to see all Gucci Boutiques in Malaysia. You can also use the store locator to see weather each store has handbags or not.

There are also independent physical boutique stores, where you can also find Gucci handbags.

As I mentioned earlier, the prices of the physical boutique stores are quite high. You can defenitely find better deals online.


Gucci Store Locator in Malaysia



Style TributeStyle Tribute Logo

Style Tribute is another Singaporian online luxury store. It offers shipping to Malaysia at a cost of roughly RM50, usually within 3-5 business days.

It also has new items as well as pre-owned ones.

The variety of Gucci handbags in Style Tribute is not as large as in Reebonz.

Anyway, this store is another where you can check out items and compare prices.


Gucci Handbags in Style Tribute



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