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Buy DSLR Camera in Malaysia: Best Online Stores


Photography. Some of us want a good camera to capture the greatest moments of their life, some of us do it as a habit, and for some of us it’s a true passion. Either way, we want to have a good camera and buy it in the best price we can find our camera online in Malaysia.

Where should I buy my DSLR camera if I live in Malaysia? What is the cheapest online store to buy DSLR camera online in Malaysia?

The answers are right here.



The Best Stores to Buy DSLR Camera in Malaysia



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As told in the post about Lazada Malaysia, and as you probably know, Lazada is the #1 alternative to Amazon in Asia. It has many DSLR cameras from different sellers, which are often a lot cheaper than Amazon.

Camera Online Malaysia Lazada

In fact, specifically in the cameras section Lazada Malaysia is almost always cheaper and more worthwhile than Amazon. Lazada is the probably the cheapest option when it comes to buying DSLR camera in Malaysia.


Click Here to see Lazada’s latest updates in the cameras section

Click here to read more about Lazada Malaysia




DigitalRev is a Hong-Kong based online camera store specializes in photography. DigitalRev ships free to Malaysia. A lot of the DSLR cameras and camera gear in DigitalRev are cheaper than stores in Malaysia.

DigitalRev logo

DigitalRev has the widest variety of cameras among the stores I mentioned. It’s a reliable store, with fair prices, usually cheaper than the American stores like Amazon, Adorama and B&H, but a bit more expensive than Lazada. They also offer one year warranty on which you can read more about HERE.

DigitalRev calculates the estimated import duty in the price you see. When you put your mouse on a price of a product, you’ll often see this:

DigitalRev Malaysia

That way you can be sure that the final price you pay is actually the final price you pay. After you pay, DigitalRev takes full responsibility for all the taxes and duties, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.


Read more about DigitalRev’s shipping

Read more about their no-questions-asked return policy

DigitalRev Homepage




As you might know, eBay is a place where many sellers from Malaysia, as well as the rest of the world can offer their Ebay Malaysia Logoproducts for sale.

It creates a marketplace where there are many sellers of the same product. You can find in eBay the camera you want, in different prices from different sellers, and also pre owned cameras for a cheaper price.



Bonus: Vintage Cameras

If you know exactly what camera you’re looking for, that part isn’t for you.

But if you are an amateur photographer that simply wants to have a good camera, I’d highly recommend you to check out some vintage cameras. It’s a whole new world to get in to, and you might love it.

Cameratique is a south african based store that offers many vintage cameras for sale that ships internationally.



Cameratique is the perfect store for vintage cameras; it ships cameras to Malaysia, has a very wide variety of vintage cams, and also rare cameras or gear that you can’t find anywhere else.

Cameratique Homepage


Hope you enjoy shooting Malaysia’s beautiful landscapes with your new camera!

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