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When we scuba dive, we all want a reliable dive computer. These “computers” are actually kind of smart dive tables.

Their main task is to tell you your decompression limits, based on different depths. It also shows data about your current depth, time under water, max. depth and more.

The advantage of the dive computer is that it tells you your decompression levels real-time, without having to accurately plan your dive in detail.

Yet It is recommended to somewhat plan your dive and more or less know your limits beforehand.



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Today, I’ll be showing you the best stores that sell dive computers in Malaysia, including Suunto and Mares dive computers. Les’t start off:


Lazada Malaysia

Lazada is one of biggest online shopping websites in south-east asia. The products in Lazada are being sold by many different sellers.

There are many dive computers for sale in Lazada Malaysia.

The only thing you have to pay attention to when you order from Lazada is the seller’s rating and reviews. Make sure the seller has at least 4 stars. That gives you an indication whether or not the seller is trustworthy.

Here are some of the dive computers available in Lazada Malaysia (click image to see prices):


Mares Smart Dive Computer
Mares Smart
Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Computer
Suunto Zoop Novo
Suunto D4i Dive Computer
Suunto D4i
Mares Quad Dive Computer
Mares Quad



Shop Dive Computers in Lazada Malaysia



Other Online StoresScubamy Logo

In addition to Lazada, there are a lot of independent online stores that sell diving gear in Malaysia, including dive computers.

Two of these stores are Prestige Scuba, Scubamy, but there are more.

Prestige Scuba Logo

One of the things you must take into account when you order from “small” online shopping website is whether or not the site’s connection is secure. If you look at the address line and see “https://” before the address, than you know it is secure.

For example, Prestige Scuba is a secure website, while Scubamy is not.

If you give credit card information to insecure sites, keep in mind that your information might leak.


Dive Computers in Scubamy   Dive Computers in Prestige Scuba



That’s it for today! Enjoy your dives and stay tuned for more articles!


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