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Best Ways to Buy Books Online in Malaysia

Let’s start off with the fact that reading is very important. It doesn’t matter what you read; science fiction, business, psychology, romances or anything else. It is tremendously beneficial to read something.

In a brief, reading reduces stress, improves memory, expands your vocabulary, obviously enlarges your knowledge, and many more things I won’t go through now.

When talking about buying books online in Malaysia, there are two main great options, which I’ll show now.



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Buy books online in Malaysia with Book Depository

First, I’d like to show you a store, which some of you might have heard about named Book Depository. I find it as the best online book store to order from if you’re in Malaysia, or actually anywhere around the world besides US.



If you thought of buying book from Amazon think again. Book Depository has more or less all the books that Amazon has at more or less the same prices.

The difference? Book Depository ships books free to Malaysia and to the rest of the world.

If you already happen to order some products from amazon as I show here, you may think about adding books that are cheaper in Amazon to your order. In any other situation, Book Depository is what you’re looking for.


Buy Books Online with Book Depository



Buy books online in Malaysia with Kinokuniya

The disadvantage of Book Depository is that it has almost no books in Malay. In Malaysia, there’s one main player in this game: Kinokuniya has most English books that Amazon and Book Depository have, plus books in Malay and other Asian languages. The prices of the English books are more or less like Book Depository.

Kinokuniya Logo

For English books I wouldn’t go for Kinokuniya, due to the reason that its shipping is not always free. Kinokuniya’s delivery times are often the same as Book Depository’s, even though they’re located in Asia, and they charge for it too. Here are the rates:

Kinokuniya Rates
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Buy Books Online with Kinokuniya Malaysia


Bottom line

If you only want English books, go for Book Depository. It’s a very reliable company, with an easy to navigate site, and great Free and quite fast shipping to Malaysia.

For Malay books, Kinokuniya is the site for you. All the great Malay books are there, as well as a lot of English books too.

Have an enjoyable satisfying reading!

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