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Where to Buy Badminton Shoes Online in Malaysia

Badminton shoes are an important part of the game. We all want shoes that are comfortable,  and that have a good grip that will help us react and accelerate fast on the court.

Today I’ll show you how to pick your badminton shoes, and where are the best stores to buy Lining, Asics, Yonex and Mizuno badminton shoes in Malaysia.


Tips for Buying Badminton Shoes Online

Best stores to Buy your Badminton Shoes Online:



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Tips for Buying Badminton Shoes Online

Shoes Size Chart (click to enlarge)

In order to pick your perfect shoes, you need to relay on two things:

  • Your prior experience
  • Your teammates’ recommendations

Consult your club mates and coaches, and you can be sure that the experienced of them will give you the best recommendations.

If you have a specific pair of shoes that you used and were happy with, I recommend to buy the same pair. The thing is to find a pair of badminton shoes that’s comfortable for you, and stick to it.

One more tip: Always double-check the size. There’s nothing more frustrating than ordering the wrong size. Then you have to ship it back and wait for a new pair. In order to avoid that, make sure you try out other shoes of the brand, since different brands have slightly different sizes.



Best stores to Buy your Badminton Shoes Online

There are two main stores from which you can order your badminton shoes in Malaysia;


Lazada Malaysia Logo
Lazada Malaysia
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These two are the stores you want to look at. Now, I’ll show you where to find each of your favorite brands.



Li-NingLining AYTL019

Lining is a top-notch brand when it comes to badminton. The Chinese company has various models of badminton shoes available on the market. Some of them are the Hero 1, Hero 2, AYTL019, Chen Long TD and more.

There’s one main online store that sells Lining shoes in Malaysia;  Lazada.

The prices of them may vary, depends on the quality of the shoes.


Li-Ning Badminton Shoes in Lazada



AsicsAsics Gel Rocket 7

Asics is a well-known sports brand. The company manufactures sport clothing, but they are mainly known for their sport shoes. They have shoes for almost any sport branch, including volleyball, running, tennis, rugby, squash and most importantly: badminton.

Asics has many models of badminton shoes, such as the Gel Upcourt, Gel Rocket, Gel Beyond and more.

When it comes to buying Asics badminton shoes in Malaysia, there are two main options;

  • The first one is obviously Lazada, in which you can find alot of Asics’s models.
  • The second one is, which is a British online store that sells sports shoes. It has sport shoes for all sport branches, including badminton. Their shipping to Malaysia costs £15 (about RM 80).


Asics Badminton Shoes in Lazada Asics Badminton Shoes in SportsShoes



YonexYonex SHB 75-EX

Yonex is the #1 company of anything related to badminton. The company makes badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, nets and shoes.

The best place in Malaysia to find Yonex products is Lazada Malaysia.

Some of Yonex’s badminton shoes models you can find in Lazada are the Power Cushion, Aerus, and more.


Yonex Badminton Shoes in Lazada



MizunoMizuno Wave Twister 4

Mizuno is a Japanese company which specializes in many sport branches, including volleyball, golf, baseball and badminton.

The company doesn’t have shoes that are specifically “badminton shoes”, but has a great line of indoor shoes, that are good for almost any indoor sport including badminton.

Some of these models are the Wave Fang, Wave Smash, Wave Twister, Wave Tornado and more.

Mizuno shoes are sold in both Lazada and


Mizuno Badminton Shoes in Lazada Mizuno Badminton Shoes in SportsShoes



Enjoy the game, and comment below which shoes for your opinion are the ultimate badminton shoes!

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