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Best Stores to Buy Portable Solar Battery Charger in Malaysia

Solar power is not a new thing. Most of us use solar energy in our solar water heaters. The Innovative products that came out to the market in the past few years are the portable solar chargers.

They give the ability to charge our cell phone and other electronic devices with no more but the energy of our sun.

The new portable solar chargers will give you power even if they are not directed directly to the sun, and that what’s makes them so great for traveling, hiking and other adventures.



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They are two different kinds of solar chargers;

  • Portable Solar Panels Only – These are simply solar panels to which you can connect your electronic devices and it will charge them “real time”, meaning, whenever he gets enough solar energy.
  • Portable Solar Panels + Power Bank – These have the solar panels and the power bank as one unit, meaning you can “charge” the power bank whenever you have enough light, and later use it to charge your devices.


Of course you can always buy a power bank separately and connected to your “solar panels only” charger.



The question “What makes one solar battery charger better” is answered simply; efficiency, which is basically how good it transforms a given light conditions to measurable electricity.

In Lazada, there are a lot of cheap solar battery chargers, which probably won’t be able to give you half of the energy of those in the video.

Here’s a little video that compares few great solar battery chargers:





Now we’ll see where to buy any kind of portable solar panel online in Malaysia.



Top Stores that Sell Portable Solar Panels in Malaysia


Anker PowerPort 21WAmazon is an American online shopping store, which has lots of different products for sale.

There are many portable solar chargers in Amazon for sale, by all the best brands; Anker, X-Dragon, Instapark, RAVPower and more.

You can easily ship from Amazon to Malaysia using this tutorial.

Amazon’s prices for the familiar brands of solar battery chargers are usually cheaper than Lazada’s.


Solar Chargers in Amazon   How to ship from Amazon with MyUS



LazadaX-DRAGON SunPower 20W

Lazada is another store in which you may find portable solar chargers in Malaysia.

Unlike Amazon, Lazada has more unknown brands of solar charges.

That means that the prices are lower, but the quality of the charger is lower as well. They are less efficient than other chargers.

Anyway, each time you order from Lazada, you have to pay attention to the seller, and make sure he has good rating.


Solar Battery Charges in Lazada Malaysia



Enjoy your new toy! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more posts!

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