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Best Stores to Buy Shoes Online in Malaysia

Hey all! Welcome to Buy Online Malaysia, the site that helps you to buy everything you want online in Malaysia! Today we are going to look at shoes, and list the best stores to buy shoes online in Malaysia. Men’s shoes, women’s shoes, sport shoes, sneakers, night shoes, casual shoes; you name it! We’ll look at all the possible stores and everything they feature.





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Without further ado, let’s start with the first store:


Zalorazalora malaysia logo

Out of the all the stores, Zalora is definitely one of the best stores to buy your shoes online. It has many different kinds of shoes including boots, Brogues & Derbies and sneakers for men, flats, heels, sandals and boots for women, and much more.

Zalora is a great not only it has a large variety of products, but also because it let’s you see exactly what size of shoes you need based on your feet measurements. For each pair of shoes you find in Zalora, there’s a size chart specified for its brand it the “Size Details” bar (see image).


Zalora Shoes Size Chart
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Even if you measured incorrectly and ordered the wrong size, Zalora offers 30 days free returns, no questions asked.


Women's Shoes in Zalora    Men's Shoes in Zalora



LazadaLazada Malaysia Logo

Lazada is Asia’s largest online department store. Among the products in Lazada Malaysia you can also find different shoes. Due to the large number of sellers in Lazada, if you dig well enough you can find the shoes you want for a tremendously cheap price.

Lazada’s return policy and warranty vary from seller to seller. You better look at the specific policy of your seller before you place an order.

Lazada is a great store to buy your shoes in. It has great prices, and after all it is the biggest online stores in Malaysia.

Buy Shoes in Lazada Malaysia



AmazonAmazon Logo

Amazon as you may know, is in some way the American version of Lazada. It has everything and anything, including apparel items and shoes in particular. Amazon has many different kinds of shoes in every price range you can imagine. Shipping shoes and other items from Amazon to Malaysia is no problem at all, and you may want to take a look at our tutorial on how to ship from Amazon to Malaysia.

For your comfort, here are links to Amazon’s shoes categories;

Women’s:   Boots   Pumps & Heels   Flats   Sneakers

Men’s:   Boots   Athletic   Work & Safety   Sneakers


Men's Shoes in Amazon   Women's Shoes in Amazon

How to Ship Amazon to Malaysia



Sole WhatSole What Logo

Sole What is a Malaysian shoes store that has a few physical stores in Selangor. The good thing about it is that Sole What also operates an online store. It has mostly sneakers by big brands such as Adidas, Nike, Converse, Vans and more. Their prices are quite high compared to the rest of the stores, but at least their shipping prices are not so high at a rate of RM20 (express shipping; 2-4 working days).

You can also visit their physical store, and decide which shoes you want there. Nonetheless, the prices are generally much cheaper in the other stores we’ve covered like Zalora and Lazada.


Visit Sole What's Website



That’s all for today, we hope you enjoy your new shiny pair of shoes, and don’t forget to hit the like button on our Facebook.

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