Best Stores to Buy Portable Speaker in Malaysia

The new models of bluetooth portable speakers are absolutely amazing. The portable speakers I’ll show you today are top quality. The deep bass and the sound quality makes these little things sound like an entire sound system.

Today I am going to show you how to buy your bluetooth portable speaker online in Malaysia. I’ll cover the best portable speakers companies including Bose, JBL, UE (Ultimate Ears) and Sonos.

There are two main stores in which you can buy your portable speaker in Malaysia; Amazon and Lazada.

So let’s see where is the cheapest place to buy each speaker in Malaysia:



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Bose Soundlink Mini II Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Bose Soundlink Mini II

For my opinion, Bose is absolutely the #1 sound company. As well as headphones, It manufactures some models portable speakers including Soundlink Revolve, Soundlink Mini and Soundlink Color.

The most popular of these and a great speaker I personally use is the Bose Soundlink Mini II.

Bose’s portable bluetooth speakers are available in Amazon and Lazada Malaysia. However, the price of this particular speaker as well as other Bose speakers, is significantly cheaper in Amazon.


Bose Minilink II Price in Amazon         Bose Minilink II Price in Lazada


The solution is to order your portable speaker from Amazon, through parcel forwarding service like MYUS, as explained in this guide.


Bose Speakers in Amazon   How to ship from Amazon with MyUS



JBL FLIP 4Another popular sound brand is JBL. JBS is a trusted sound company, which by the way manufactures car sound systems for Toyota, Ferrari and Smart.

As well as their sound systems, JBL’s portable wireless speakers are also very popular. Some of them are the JBL Flip, Charge, Extreme, GO and more.

If you want to buy JBL’s portable speakers in Malaysia, the prices are once again a lot cheaper in Amazon than in Lazada. Follow this guide to ship JBL portable speakers to Malaysia.




JBL Speakers on Amazon   How to ship from Amazon with MyUS



UE (Ultimate Ears)

UE Boom 2 Speaker

Ultimate Ears is another company which masters portable bluetooth speakers.

It has some great models such as the UE Boom, UE Megaboom and the UE Wonderboom. What’s special about them, is that they’re all 100% waterproof, a trait that gives them an advantage over other speakers.

For UE wireless speakers, Lazada most of the times will be the cheaper option. The prices before even calculating the shipping are cheaper in Lazada.


Buy UE Speakers from Lazada




SonosSonos Play 1 Wireless Speaker

Sonos’s most popular speaker, is actually not a “portable” one. I’m talking about the Sonos Play 5, which is defenitely one of the best home speakers in the market today.

Sonos also created the Sonos Play 1, which is a smaller speaker, about the size of a portable speaker. The Play 1 is also meant to be used as a home speaker.

The thing is, that insted of bluetooth, both of these speakers use WiFi, and that’s ideal for steaming through music services at home.

The best place to buy Sonos’s speakers in Malaysia is through Amazon, using a parcel forwarding service.


Sonos Speakers in Amazon   How to ship from Amazon with MyUS


Enjoy your portable speaker, and stay tuned to discover more items that you can shop online in Malaysia!

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