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Amazon Malaysia: How to Ship Amazon to Malaysia

Amazon is a one of the biggest E-commerce companies in the world. Amazon has a variety many great products of all kinds available for online shopping. The company has many online stores around the world, but unfortunately there’s no Amazon Malaysia yet. There’s a high demand for Amazon store in Malaysia, but for now Amazon didn’t launch one yet.


In this article I’ll show you all the possible ways to shop from Amazon and ship it to Malaysia.


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The main problem when attempting to order Amazon to Malaysia is the shipping. Some products in are available for international shipping. The problem is that a lot of things are not shipped internationally, and the shipping cost might often be as high as the price of the product itself.



So what are the methods to ship products from Amazon to Malaysia?


Method 1 – AmazonGlobal

That’s definitely the simplest way to buy Amazon from Malaysia. Everything you basically need to do is instead of searching normally in Amazon, search through the AmazonGlobal Page. By doing that you’ll get only results of products that are eligible for international shipping.


Amazon Global


You can also find the products which are eligible for shipping to Malaysia by signing in and marking your address in Malaysia your default shipping address. By doing that, you’ll often see the price including shipping and taxes in product pages.

Unfortunately,  Amazon has not listed Malaysia on the list of countries that can enjoy standard international shipping, so the only option is to pay more and go with expedited shipping.

This is the simple way, but not the optimal. A lot of products are unavailable for Malaysia shipping and the shipping price is often too high to be worth it.


Shop with Amazon Global



Method 2 – Parcel Forward Service

This option is one which turns any amazon store to “Amazon Malaysia”. It’s basically all about a service which gives you a virtual US address, receives your orders to this address and then ships it to Malaysia. By using this method you get not only products from Amazon, but anything you want that can’t be shipped to Malaysia.

There are several companies which offer parcel forwarding service:


MyUS Logo


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comGateway Logo


I recommend checking all of their rates for your specific order needs, using the shipping cost calculators each service has, and by that decide which one to choose.

MyUS Shipping Rate Calculatoricon

Borderlinx Shipping Calculator

comGateway Shipping Calculator (Scroll down in the page)

Even if the product you want to buy are eligible for shipping to Malaysia by Amazon, I’d still recommend comparing the shipping price of these service providers with Amazon’s shipping price. A lot of the times you’ll find it cheaper to ship it to Malaysia through them rather than through Amazon.


How to ship from Amazon with MyUS



Method 3 – Alternatives to Amazon Malaysia


Lazada Malaysia


Lazada Malaysia Logo


The product(s) you want from to order from Amazon may be available in Lazada Malaysia. Lazada is located in Malaysia, and due to that shipping is extremely cheap and often free, and there’s no need to deal with any import taxes.

The differences between prices of Lazada or other Malaysian stores and Amazon or other International E-commerce stores may vary. Sometimes the store in Malaysia will be cheaper, and sometimes Amazon will.

Ladaza Malaysia’s homepage

Read more about Lazada Malaysia


Start Shopping in Lazada Malaysia



Amazon Japan

Shipping Amazon to Malaysia through Amazon Japan is cheaper than The prices there are often a bit more expensive, but you sometimes may get surprised to find the same product for a cheaper price in Amazon Japan.

Bottom line: check yourself, none of the stores is always cheaper than the other.

If I had to choose between and Amazon Japan, I’d rather pick when shipping to Malaysia.

Amazon Japan’s Homepage in English

Read more about Amazon Japan



Plenty of Other Stores

There are many more International and Malaysian e-commerce stores that often provide better prices than Amazon, and Lazada. In you can find many articles about the products you might be looking for.

Here are some examples:

GeekBuying LogoAliExpress Logo

Ebay Malaysia Logo





zalora malaysia






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