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Amzon Japan is the Japanese version for the same Amazon website you know, that has a warehouse in Japan and Japanese sellers. Amazon Japan’s site is pretty similar to site, and they both have the Amazon Global with which you can ship to Malaysia.

Why then should I order from Amazon Japan to Malaysia instead of

Often you shouldn’t. Well, it depends.

Amazon Japan has similar products to the products has, but due to its geographic proximity to Malaysia the shipping rates are lower. In, expedited shipping is the only shipping option available to Malaysia, and through Amazon Japan there is a standard shipping option.


Amazon Japan Shipping Rates
Amazon Japan Shipping Rates to Malaysia Shipping Rates Shipping Rates to Malaysia


Although the shipping rates are lower in Amazon Japan, the difference is not that significant that you should always choose it instead of In fact, is way clearer, and more comfortable to work with.

For my opinion, the shipping price difference just isn’t worth of dealing with the Amazon Japan site.

As with, in Amazon Japan there are also products which are part of “Amazon Global”, and are eligible for international shipping. Not all of them are, so when you search something, make sure you search it through the Amazon Global page.


Amazon Global


If you want to order from Amazon Japan, this guide of How to Navigate Amazon Japan in English may help you.

Enjoy your online shopping!

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