How to Navigate Amazon Japan in English

Navigating in Amazon Japan is a bit more difficult than, and things in general are less clear. Although Amazon Japan has an option of the site in English, some of the product names are still in Japanese.

Here are two ways to browse Amazon Japan in English:

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Using the Google Chrome’s Google Translate extension

You can easily translate any page using this method. All you have to do is to have Google Chrome and install the translate extension, and here’s how:


Using Chrome, Google “google translate extension” and press the first result.

Google Translate Extension



Click “Add to Chrome”.
Click add to chrome



Whenever you face a page in Japanese in Amazon Japan, simply press the Google Translate logo, and click “Translate Page”.

click translate page



There you go, the entire page is in English!

There you go



Looking for the product in, and then changing it to

It doesn’t always work, but that’s a very comfortable way to shift between the stores and compare prices.

All you have to do is simply look for the product you want in and change the domain from “com” to “”.

Sometimes it will work and you’ll get the page you want, and sometimes you’ll get an error. The error doesn’t mean that Amazon Japan doesn’t have the product you’re looking for, perhaps it is in a different domain.


Hope this works!

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